Smart Choice Support Personnel Contact Information

Smart Choice Corporate Address

Smart Choice
4121 Beechwood Dr.
Greensboro, N.C. 27410
(888) 264-3388



Smart Start Personal Lines

Jason Hamstra
Vice President,  Smart Start Personal Lines
Office Phone:  888-264-3388, ext 3081
Fax: (336) 217-4665

Libby P. Smith
AAI, CISR   (Smart Start Personal Lines Training)
Vice President,  Agency Development
Phone 888-264-3388, ext 3011
Fax: (336) 217-4665


Smart Start Commercial Lines

Lynn DePasquale
Vice President, Smart Start Commercial Lines
Phone:  336-217-4684

Michael DePasquale
(Specialty Commercial Programs)
Smart Start Commercial Associate
Toll Free 888-264-3388  ext. 3085 


SC Agency BUS Center & SSCL Portal Setup & PW

Marcus Baxter
Support for Agency Business Center
Inside Sales
Office Phone:  (888) 264-3388    Ext: 3007 


Smart Start PL and Ezlynx Rater Support

Smart Start Personal Lines Support Team
For SSPL & Ezlynx Rater Support
Office Phone (336) 689-5329   x 3014
Fax (336) 217-4665

 Joe Fisher
For Rater Sales Info
Office: (336) 217-4657
Fax: (336) 217-4666


Smart Choice Ezlynx Agency Management System Support

Damien Spillers 
For Agency Management System Sales & Support
Ezlynx Sales Manager for Smart Choice
Office: (972) 410-3836

Smart Choice Accounting – Commissions Support

Brisa Vlazny
Accounting Director
Office Phone:   (336) 217-4650   Ext. 3009
Fax (336) 217-4667

Stephen Caldwell
Accounting Manager
Ph: 336-217-4650  Ext: 3030
Fax: 336-217-4667


Smart Choice Contracts & Compliance 

April Worley
Compliance Coordinator
Office Phone (888) 264-3388  ext 3004
Fax : (336) 217-4665


Smart Choice Life Insurance Programs

Choco Harwell
Director, Smart Choice® Life & Financial Services
Office Phone:  (336) 217-4652


Smart Choice Virginia Agents User Guide:  SMART CHOICE VIRGINIA AGENTS USER GUIDE

Smart Choice Virginia Field Support Team

Roger L. Gill
Smart Choice Virginia State Director
Cell:  (804) 731-3050

Daniel G. Brown
Smart Choice Virginia & DC Territory Manager
Northern Virginia and DC
(804) 896-3959

Carol G. Gill
Smart Choice Virginia Territory Manager
Cell:  (804) 586-3804
Office: (804) 731-3050

Gary Cason
Smart Choice Virginia Territory Manager
Cell:  (804) 396-9783

Wanda Lebray
Smart Choice Virginia Territory Manager
Virginia Beach Area
Cell:  (757) 617-4995

Mike Forney
Smart Choice Virginia Territory Manager
Southwest Virginia
(540) 535-9490

Kerry Belcher
Smart Choice Territory Manager
Southwest Virginia

(276) 492-3975

John McMillen
Smart Choice VA Territory Manager
Central and Southwest Virginia
(540) 433-9052